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Solving the housing shortage architectural, circular and affordable

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Boom Builds is a gateway for pionering real estate developers and architects to build a new way of living within a circular and scalable building principle. Over the next eight years, The Netherlands will face a housing shortage of 75.000 homes a year. Current building prices, staff shortages, regulations, and emissions are not going to solve that.

Therefore, we need new thinking about why, how and what we build. Boom Builds provides a solution with predictable and higher returns on investments, an digital and creative process, and most of all a happy healthy living environment by creating the best building conditions possible.

Realize a happy healthy living environment with a high return on investment.

Iconic Architecture
made af fordable.

Boom Builds gateway for housing consists of three essential pillars: iconic architecture, offside realization, and an open source platform. By combining these three elements we enable developers and architects to realize leading architecture with a clear focus on the relationship between people, nature and the urban environment.

Open source platform

By offering an ongoing library of design elements generated through automated design, architects and partners can build on existing principles or pioneer by designing their own elements.

Using the pareto prince we balance between standardization and customization of building blocks and facades. Making it therefore possible to scale up designs and automate production processes until 90% ready and thereby reduce costs.

Circular realization

By building offsite in the factory with our production partners in Estonia, we can build faster, better, and cheaper. And with the use of timber construction, we can reduce our ecological footprint and build circular. That’s what we call a win-win situation.

Iconic architecture

Our platform makes it possible to invite leading architects to design iconic architecture based on the needs of the client. By focusing on esthetic qualities and feasibility from the beginning, real estate developers and architects can eliminate repetitive work and can focus on creating value to the urban environment. Which leads to a higher return on investment as well.

Boom Builds provides enormous benefits throughout the whole construction chain by reducing failure costs, optimizing the process from design to production, creating the perfect buildings condition and providing smart services to enable customers to enjoy a nice home. In that way, we can build a happy healthy living environment with a high return of investment. And the best thing? It’s scalable.

Build your own future now.

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The first version of our gateway is almost ready to share with the world. In the upcoming months, we will optimize our building principle and integrate it into our projects in Amersfoort and Amsterdam. Do you want to pioneer with us? Sign up and your project might be used as one of our pioneering projects.

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Do you want to pioneer with us? Sign up for our newsletter so we can tell you when our beta version is out there.